About Us

Our Mission

To create healthier and happier people through innovative environments and technology that engage individuals in exciting pathways towards their health goals.

What Our Clients Say

"ZomoHealth has an innovative prevention platform that provides the tools my employees want and useful realtime data"
- Senior HR Manager

"If it wasn't for ZomoHealth I wouldn’t be here today"
- Program Participant

"I love meeting my coach face to face, they have really helped me become healthier!"
- Program Participant

Organization Information

Since 2008, ZomoHealth has been delivering high engagement health management solutions to over 200 locations nationwide. We strive to make health management convenient for clients and participants through personalized programs that create health awareness, drive engagement, achieve lasting behavior change, and educate participants on being smarter health care consumers. Our high touch approach to management, marketing, and program delivery produces measurable outcomes and Return On Investment (ROI).

Meet our team

Nima Bousheri
Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Sachin Shah
Chief Inovation Officer & Co-Founder

Charles Boyd
Chief Financial Officer

Jatin Shah
Chief Technology Officer

Rick Fox
VP Account Management

Nikki Harris
VP Operations

Sean Holt, M.D.
Medical Director

Kenny Chowdhary, PhD
Director – Algorithms